We pay you to build your brand, no risk, all profit.

We provide a free pop-up webshop that you can promote for your client base. Your clients preorder and we manufacture and distribute directly on your behalf. Because we run on a pre-payment basis, we only manufacture goods that are presold. There is no surplus stock, such as sizing that never sells. You make a profit on every item produced as we only produce to order.

Due to working with virtual stock, we are able to present a huge range of apparel items, rather than the limited choice available, such as unisex items, sold on traditional websites. An extensive range is a must, to appeal to your diverse client base. Men’s, women’s and youth styles with sizing and colours to suit everyone.

Full Shop Setups

We do it all – from beginning to end we can do all the graphics – populate your shop inventory – configure it all and you just sit back and send your customers to purchase.

Low initial cost

With little to no upfront costs (depending on your situation) there is low risk and high return using a shop.net.nz shop.

Fastest way to sell online

We can have your shop online in as little as 48 hours ready live to sell. Popup shops with all stock secured and ready to dispatch. Too easy!

The Brief.

The Artwork

The Product

Our huge range of products is near-unlimited so we can guarantee you options that will engage your audience. From bottle openers and caps to hoodies and sunglasses, we’ve got you covered. Some things to consider are:

  • What type of product are you interested in
  • For apparel, consider colours options
  • Define your size range (Options from onesies to 7XL)
  • How many different styles (Men’s, women’s, youth, babies)
  • Fabric type
  • Choose your decoration technique (Dad wants to hyperlink to a document that has a visual and description of each decoration technique plus cost/timeframe- I can make it)


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